indonesia international book fair 2020

Work Partners

Authorized Contractor

Gigas Studio (0811 295 2445, 0813 9220 3201) Jetis, Pendoworejo – KP

Yogyakarta 55674

Shipping Forwarding

Agility International

Hall E Lantai 1. Lot # 112 Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta Jalan Benyamin Sueb, Jakarta 10620 Indonesia PIC: Rini Astuti

Phone: +622126645170

Mobile: +6282122242617

Fax: +622126645171



Identification Card

  1. Exhibitor Pass Card
  • Each participant gets 4 cards (free).
  • Cards will be obtained on September 8, 2020 at the IIBF Information Center Booth
  • To get a Participant Card / Exhibitor, please fill out the receipt form at the Committee Secretariat.
  1. Cards for workers (contractors) booth
  • Please inform the number of workers during the construction of the booth one week before the work schedule. The contractor without a permit, cannot enter the building of the booth / exhibition.


Stand Electric Facilities

All participants are entitled to an amount of free electricity that is calculated based on the size of the booth:

  • 9 square meters: 2 Amperes / 1 phase / 440 watts.
  • 18 square meters: 2 Amperes / 1 phase / 440 watts.
  • 36 square meters: 4 Amperes / 1 phase / 880 watts.

Participants who require more electricity than they intended can submit additional electricity to the operator and will be charged for the addition. Electricity addition form available.


Entrance of Goods

During Installation and Disassembly of the Booth:

  • Goods entering and exiting can be done through the front door of the lobby/Assembly Hall pre-function.
  • The loading process will start after the cleaning team swept the entire venue area.
  • The route to be traveled by goods must be protected by multiplex or carpet.
  • Exhibitors must inform the contractor or a third party about this provision.


Dining Area (for Exhibitors)

  • Caterers / foods originating from outside JCC Catering can only be given, placed, and consumed in a dining room determined by JCC.
  • Catering / food cannot be consumed in the exhibition hall, in the toilet area, and in other public facilities.
  • Dining room is available near the loading area.


Internet Connection

  • The exhibition area will be equipped with wi-fi connections in certain places.
  • There will be an additional fee if participants need a private LAN connection, (submitted at least 7 days in advance).
  • The committee cannot provide internet connection requests on-site.



  • JCC has limited parking space for exhibitors. Vehicles that are not accommodated must be parked outside the JCC area.
  • JCC does not have authority over parking areas outside the JCC complex. Outside the JCC area is fully controlled by Gelora Bung Karno management.


Stand’s Construction and Activity Regulations

Stand category

  1. Special design booths are built on their own. This booth was designed and built by a contractor who was appointed by the exhibitors themselves. The Organizer (IIBF) only provides the area or land along with electricity according to the size of the area.
  1. Special design booths and customizing booths were built by the committee. The design and construction of this special design booth is carried out by a contractor appointed by the organizer with a different design from the standard booth design. The facilities provided are the same as the standard booth.
  2. Standard booth. The organizer provides standard booth modules, including: Wall partitions (width 1 mx height 2.49 m), aluminum fascia system, 2 (two) standard chairs, 1 (one) aluminum reception desk system (Length 1,030mx width 0.50mx height 0.75m ), standard lighting, standard carpet.


Stand’s Regulatory Standards

  • Additional booths will be charged separately.
  • The plan for the construction of special design stands must be coordinated with the organizer.
  • Drilling or nailing is not allowed on one of the aluminum frames and standard booth partitions.
  • To prevent partitions from being damaged, exhibitors are not permitted to use adhesives that can damage partitions. If you want to do attachment, it is advisable to contact the official booth / contractor services.
  • If participants do not comply with the rules above, it will result in penalty fees imposed on exhibitors and / or contractors.
  • If participants need assistance in relation to the construction and / or booth display, please confirm directly with the official contractor.


Partition/Wall Border

  • All constructions must be built with a minimum distance of 0.5m from the wall.
  • Participants are prohibited from using the remaining gaps as storage.
  • Each back of the partition must be closed and painted neatly.
  • A knock down booth system is highly recommended.
  • Please refer to the table for the maximum height of the booth partition in each aisle.


Stand Dimension Provisions

  • Maximum massive wall height of 2.5 meters
  • Maximum internal building height of 3.6 m.
  • Building a minimum distance from the 1.5 m booth wall.
  • Maximum tower / dome height of 5 m with a maximum width of 0.5m and a maximum length of 1.5m. Towers / pylons are not allowed to be attached to other booth partitions.
  • This regulation does not apply to spaces or points that conflict with JCC’s room or property conditions.


Electrical Installation Provisions

  • Electricity is permitted only from the space provided. Exhibitors are prohibited from using electric generators for power sources.
  • For booths with special designs, authorized contractors only prepare electricity from the main panel to the booth.
  • The booth contractor is responsible for electrical installations inside the booth.
  • Please use a grounding for stable voltage and frequency, the organizer will not be responsible for damage caused by unstable voltage.
  • Use high quality cables in the installation.
  • Please install the circuit breaker (MCB) in a visible and easily accessible location.


Provisions Regarding Loudspeakers

Participants must adjust the volume at the booth to ensure the comfort of the exhibition environment. To control the noise level in the exhibition hall, the use of loudspeakers is limited as follows.

  1. Speaker Position
  • Must be at a maximum height of up to 4.5 m.
  • Aimed down at 45 degrees and does not exceed the booth.
  • Use speakers for booth program areas such as entertainment product demonstrations.
  1. Volume Limit
  • Speaker volume must not exceed 86 dB / decibel (low noise) from the booth limit facing the hallway or gangway.
  • Use of a loudspeaker for events at a booth with a maximum of 1,000 watts.



  • For storage, use a padlock so that it can be locked.
  • The organizer will only collect data on items displayed in the booth and / or such items in large sizes and clearly visible. The organizer will not list the items or products stored in storage.


Stand Promotion and Rules

  • Participants are not allowed to carry out promotional activities outside the booth area.
  • It is not allowed to distribute publicity materials, such as catalogs, brochures, leaflets or souvenirs outside the booth.



  • A booth contractor can build a special design booth after receiving approval from the organizer. Special booth designs must be submitted before 1st September 2020 to the organizer.
  • The construction booth cannot be built directly on the floor or carpet or granite of the building, but must be given a 9 mm multiplex pad or carpet before the set-up is started.
  • Special design booth contractors are required to use a plastic mat and install it as a work mat on the carpet of an official contractor.
  • In the booth area, special design contractors are advised to only do assembly and finishing.


Security and Safety

Stand’s Security

  • During the exhibition, booth safety and display of goods are the responsibility of the exhibitors.
  • The organizer will provide professional security personnel in the exhibition area.
  • Participants are required to open their booth 15 minutes before the exhibition hour is open to the public.
  • Participants are not allowed to close the booth before the exhibition closes.
  • The person in charge (from exhibitors) must be present 1 hour or at least 15 minutes before opening time, and also 15 minutes after closing time, for checklist procedures.
  • If the person in charge is not present, the committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage that might occur.


Security Information

  • Security services will operate inside the Exhibition Hall, but the organizer cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to participant’s property due to an outsider’s mistake or negligence.
  • Exhibitors must instruct their personnel not to leave their booth unattended when exhibiting, or during booth installation or demolition work.
  • For office bags, laptops, cell phones and other tools / items with possession, please do not place them outside the supervision of each participant.
  • In the event of loss or damage, exhibitors must report immediately to the organizer with details of the loss or damage in detail.
  • Public security arrangements for the exhibition will be controlled by the organizer together with the JCC building.
  • Contractors appointed by exhibitors may not use JCC facilities or items for their work.
  • Participants are strictly prohibited from damaging or causing damage to any part of the event venue including walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and furniture or other parts of JCC. Activities carried out on site such as coloring, tacks, screws, pins, adhesives, or any device that is likely to cause damage will be charged by the organizer.
  • Painting, sawing and welding are not permitted in the exhibition area.
  • The contractors are responsible for cleaning all construction waste generated during installation, during the event and the demolition period. The contractors are not allowed to leave garbage at the JCC, unless it has been agreed between the participants and JCC (with additional fees to JCC).
  • All electrical power needs must be informed 2 (two) weeks before the start of the event (for approval by the organizer & JCC).
  • Exhibitors, contractor employees are permitted to enter the exhibition area only. To enter other areas requires approval from JCC Management.
  • Nailing to the roof (leased from JCC) is strictly prohibited except with written approval from JCC management.
  • Exhibitors / contractors cannot build installation modifications (including electricity) to the facility without prior written approval from JCC.
  • Electrical installations must obtain approval from JCC before switching to the main electrical panel. Costs for changes and / or modifications are the responsibility of exhibitors, and each booth must have an MCB unit installed before the final connection for the main supply from JCC.
  • All aisles leading to emergency exits must be clean of every construction and product displayed.
  • If the contractor does not dismantle the booth until Sunday, September 13, 2020 at 24.00, the organizer is not responsible for loss or damage to the booth’s construction and product display. The contractor is fully responsible for any additional costs that may occur.


Dangerous Material

The following items are not permitted to enter the venue:

  • Knives or other sharp objects;
  • Flammable substances, explosives, gasoline, hazardous gases (including gas-filled balloons) or highly flammable substances;
  • Temporary electrical equipment.


Exhibition Facilities

Bonded Warehouse

JCC is equipped with bonded warehouse facilities:

  • The use of the bonded warehouse is the responsibility of the exhibitors and the designated freight forwarder and JCC.
  • The organizer of IIBF 2020 appoints an official freight forwarder and does not accept responsibility for the use of the warehouse;
  • If exhibitors need a freight forwarder or customs clearance agent, the organizer can provide a freight forwarding agent reference;
  • The organizer will be exempt from any obligations related to exhibitors’ choices regarding the agent.



  • JCC will provide cleaning and sanitation services in the exhibition’s public areas and meeting rooms during the exhibition, excluding booths.
  • JCC is equipped with fire protection and detection systems including automatic water sprinklers, fire hoses, fire and alarm detection, intercom fire extinguisher, portable fire extinguishers, and external fire hydrant systems.
  • Mosque is located in Level B1. Friday prayers will be accommodated by JCC.
  • All JCC zones are non-smoking areas, therefore smoking can only be allowed outside the JCC area.
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