“Result will never betray its process”


That quote can probably be a proper reason for many awards in Indonesia. Every industry has its own award. It is awarded as the symbol of struggling and existence and to stimulate everyone in the industry to be more passionate.

Among those awards, entertainment and marketing are the largest for being aired live on TV, awarding shining trophy and providing red carpet. Either it is held by company or institution, aired live or off-air, giving large sums of money or only a trophy, award is still an award for the awardee. It is not only as the symbol of achievement but also an acknowledgement of self-existence. Ikatan Penerbit Indonesia (IKAPI) as non-profit association of publishers in Indonesia annually shows deep appreciation for Indonesia literacy catalysts.

Since 2010 and yet before the ‘international’ term being used in Indonesia Book Fair, IKAPI well presents highest awards for literacy catalysts known as IKAPI Award. It cannot still be considered as a prestigious award yet. It still does not have fixed category each year. However, IKAPI is fully aware that book industry which sometime ups and downs still has passionate enthusiasm for tremendous support given by large parties to promote literacy.

Literacy culture becomes hot topic nowadays especially after our former minister of education, Anies Baswedan campaigned National Literacy Movement. It is a downstream movement of School Literacy Movement whose one of its activities is 15 minutes reading activity (non- school subject books) prior to teaching activity. This movement becomes a massive movement, even though the word ‘literasi’ is actually not in Indonesian Dictionary.

Literacy originally means the ability to read and write, based on 7th Edition Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 2005: 898. However, it then has more deep meaning. It is not only the ability to read and write but it is the ability to understand what is being read and to find creative meaning of that literature works.

To promote literacy to Indonesian people seems to be a really hard work. As history told us, colonialism made Indonesian people working for rodi, romusha and devide et impera. It made things not clear whether all Indonesian people already had reading habit or only those public figures and the richest had. We do not know. The most important thing now is our belief that reading habit will help us in providing qualified next generation.

This year, again, IKAPI presents awards for the catalysts, those who make book industry and literacy movement bursting. To decide who the catalysts are is not easy things to do. There were in-depth, long discussions and intense debates among judges, the representatives of publishers in Indonesia. Then, it came like divine inspiration that judges agreed the three categories for IKAPI Award Indonesia International Book Fair 2016. Those are:

  1. Writer of The Year : Tere Liye
  2. Book of The Year : Intelegensi Embun Pagi (Dee Lestari)
  3. Literacy Promoter : Anies Baswedan


“Thanks to IKAPI, Tere Liye who is actually a man can come today. He sends you a regard: ‘First, I want to apologize for not able to come. I say thank to IKAPI, to Tere Liye’s books reader. Glory glory Indonesian books.”

—Gramedia Publishing a/n Tere Liye—

“This book is the end of Supernova series which I worked for last 15 years and this award is a sweet present for me. Thanks to Bentang Pustaka teams who help me for the IEP publishing, my family, my number one supporters who are now represented by my husband, Reza Gunawan. One more important thing is my readers, Addeecation and all readers in Indonesia. I hope this year Indonesia International Book Fair will be an impetus for Indonesia Literacy.”   

—Dee Lestari—


“It is an honor. I feel that what we have done is just something that Education Minister should do. There are more than six thousands library. They are the real literacy promoters, I only represent them. We have the responsibility for developing reading interest and reading power. We need Indonesia with high reading power and global literature works.”    

—Anies Baswedan—

Thank you for dedication and sincerity, thank you for works that make readers keep their dreams alive, thank you for using good Indonesian language not merely a rigid and formal one, thank you for the thought, the idea, the insight and the good policy. IKAPI Award expresses their warmest thanks to every people involved in our large, deep ocean of Indonesia book industry.




IKAPI Award Recipient

IBF 2010 Kids Reader Icon Umay
Special Writer Award Andrea Hirata
Achivement Award Jakob Oetama
IBF 2011 Penulis Terbaik 2011 (Writer of The Year) A Fuadi
Literary Promoter Gol A Gong
IBF 2012 Book of The Year: Chairul Tanjung Anak Singkong Tjahja Gunawan
Best Supporting Media for Reading Habit Media Indonesia
IBF 2013 Inspiring Author Ippho Santosa
Literary Promoter Goodreads Indonesia
IIBF 2014 Books of The Year 99 Cahaya Di Langit Eropa
Literary Promoter Tri Rismaharini

(Walikota Surabaya)

IIBF 2015 Book of The Year Manusia Harimau

(Eka Kurniawan)

Best Supporting Media for Literacy Republika
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